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Available images that have to do with the
occurrences along I-45 the Gulf Freeway.

I-45 Victims Photos: These black and white photos are just some of the I-45 victims. There are other victims but these are the photos that have been released to the public. The few images available are posted with all due respect and sympathy to their families. Understandably some of the victims families have not allowed the use of their lost loved ones photos. More details in the I-45 Victims page - HERE!

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One Suspect's Sketch: Tall Caucasian male, dark complexion, a medium build and in his 30's in 1997. Seen driving a dark blue 1993 to 1995 Ford extended cab truck. No running boards and blue painted bed rails. This description is of a man seen by witnesses at the area of Moore Road as well as William Reece's truck around the time Laura Smither was last seen on April 3 in Friendswood, TX. 17 days later her body was found in a retention pond drainage pipe in Pasadena, TX near I-45. Reece became the main suspect but he was never changed. Descriptions from witnesses in another case match the man in this sketch. In Arlington, TX on January 1996, nine year old Amber Hagerman was dragged from her bicycle. Her body was found five days later in a creek. Both Laura and Amber were Caucasian, brunettes. Both were found nude except for socks, Amber's throat had been slashed and Laura had been beheaded. More details in the I-45 Victims page - HERE!

No I-45 crime scene phots have been released to the public thus far but other images to be posted as they become available.