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I-45 and Calder Map

This map includes Calder Drive, I-45, FM 646 and 517. In the 3000 block of Calder Drive is the abandon League City Oil Field. Seemingly tucked away between houses, strip centers and other sparse businesses is this tract of land. A short distance just west of the Gulf Freeway and only a few house close by. It's 20 miles south of Houston in Galveston County off of I-45. This place is a dumping ground, known as the "Killing Field." It is where the bodies of four sexually assaulted females were discovered and all four cases remain unsolved. The modus operandi of these four particular slayings is the work of one man. This tract of land is blemished with over grown and neglected, unnamed streets once used by workers. Also the Star Dust Trail Rides once operated by Robert Able a retired NASA engineer, he later died. He was also a suspect along with a pool of other men by the League City Police Department. Nobody has ever been charged with these murders. All four victims were laying nude on the ground, face up and under trees with their arms crossed. They were placed within a hundred yard radius apart from each other. As if the killer had premeditated to create his own necropolis. One investigator who studied the scene many times thought the killer made a footpath to view his trophies. Many policemen and FBI agents are convinced this is the personal graveyard of a nefarious serial killer. Clearly this man had to have had prior knowledge to this secluded area to plan out his carnage and elude the authorities. There are locked metal ranch gates across one part of Calder Drive and adjacent Ervin Street blocking automobile access.

4 victims, 2 unknown, between 1983 and 1991.

23 year old Heidi Villarreal Fye was a cocktail waitress, last seen on October 10th 1983. Her remains were found after a dog carried her skull to a nearby house on April 4th 1984. She had vanished six months earlier after walking from the home of her parents to use the phone at a nearby convenience store. The medical examiner noted Fye had broken ribs and had been beaten with a club. She may have died from blunt force trauma to her head.

February 2ed 1986 four boys riding dirt bikes smelled a foul odor. They located the skeletal remains of a still unidentified female and called the police. Dubbed "Jane Doe" she had died six weeks to six months before being found, she had been shot in the back. She perhaps had been shot to death by a 22 caliber weapon. Part of a bullet was found with the cadaver at the medical examiner's office. (Ruined as evidence) The autopsy also revealed healed fractures of the ribs. She is described as being about 25 years old, being between 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall. Weighing about 140 to 160 pounds, with light reddish brown shoulder length hair and had a distinct gap between her upper front teeth. She was about fifty yards from where Fye had been found. While investigating the scene the police found yet another body the same day.

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A good image of Heidi Fye, it clearly shows she was a brunette with lighter color treated hair.

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Tim Miller at Laura's cross, this is where her remains were found.

16 year old Laura Lynn Miller, a Clear Creek High School sophomore. She was missing shortly after the Miller's moved to League City, on September 1st 1984. Their phone wasn't working yet, so she had been talking to her boyfriend on a payphone. At the very same convenience store where Fye was last seen. She insisted that her mother let her finish her call and she was old enough to walk home. She never arrived and the police implied to her father that she was a run away. Tim Miller had found out about Heidi Fye's murder and wanted the police check the same area for his daughter. Miller was victimized twice, by the killer and by the system. The same day as Jane Doe's body, the police while looking for clues stumbled upon Miller's remains on February 2ed 1986 she was shot in the head. She was only a mere twenty yards from Jane Doe.

For nearly five years there was no activity at Calder, other than the Stardust Trail Rides. Robert Abel was a retired aerospace engineer who had leased the property and finally bought a portion, 3001 Calder Drive for his horse stable. His stepdaughter while out riding located another set of skeletal remains. One hundred yards from where the other bodies had been discovered.

September 8th 1991, dubbed "Janet Doe" this victim still has not been identified. Investigators believe she died a month to four months before her decomposing remains were found. She was about 31 years old, had a small frame and stood between 5 feet to 5 feet 3 inches tall. Weighed about 100 to 130 pounds, had long, fine, light brown hair. She had low quality upper dentures and poorly healed fractures in two ribs. She appeared to have been beaten with a club and possibly strangled by a drapery cord found close by. Her cause of death was not determined to be strangulation but most likely the beating. She was a hundred yards from where the other victims were located.

The "Killing Field" cases differ somewhat being that both Fye and Janet Doe had been beaten to death. While Miller and Jane Doe, who were found the same day, were shot to death. However, it is known that both Fye and Miller disappeared from the same convenience store at Hobbs & W Main in League City, Texas. Also the very same duplication of arrangement of the cadavers, laying on their backs nude with their arms crossed over their chest. Plus the fact that they had been dumped within a few hundred yards of each other in this abandon oil field in the 3000 block of Calder Drive. Show clearly the modus operandi or signature of one still unknown killer.

Killing Fields Victims

The victims were all white brunettes

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Abel was to become a suspect and a one time employee of his, Mark Stallings. After Able fired Stallings, he went to prison and confessed to some of the I-45 murders. However the police could not substantiate his claim and had no physical evidence to connect Stallings to the slayings. It's unlikely he is involved and may have only wanted to improve his jail house rep. As for Abel a search of his property turned up nothing of value nor did Tim Miller's search. He used trained dogs and heavy equipment to dig up the sector where the victims were found. Abel eventually passed a polygraph courtesy of a national news show. The FBI eliminated Able as a suspect but the League City cops still consider the deceased man a suspect. Without eyewitnesses and only scant physical evidence, the police were stuck. Many investigations have been made in the 25 acre oil field, from the FBI and the League City police to the so called "armchair detectives" who often look into real life murder mysteries. Police had a billboard up on I-45 asking for help with the case. Even a small retention pond in the oil field was drained for evidence. Only some decayed clothes and what was left of a purse were unearthed.

On December 22, 2005 Houston's local news reported that a letter had been mailed to Tim Miller by someone claiming to be the man who killed his daughter and others. It also boasted about the I-45 deaths, said news reporters. Only a very few parts of this letter were shown. However, the letter was made up from cut out newspaper and magazine words. Much like an old style ransom note from what was shown of it. Miller went on to say he was angry after he received it and more so when he went out to the property shortly afterwards. In the spot where his daughter's body had been removed by police, he had put up a wooden cross in her memory. He saw her cross had been knocked down and broken apart. In addition he came across some pornographic CD's left there as well. Most likely the same person who sent the letter also went out to the "Killing Field" to leave a calling card for Miller to find too. Reporters say authorities are somewhat skeptical about the some of the claims this person makes in the letter. Being that the letter came only 5 months after Able died, the authorities and Miller believe it might be a trick. Is this letter from the real killer or could it be a family member or friend of Robert Abel wanted to clear the dead man's name?

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Killing Fields Aerial Image

A color aerial photograph of "The Killing Field" in League City Texas

Killing Fields Satellite Image

A black and white satellite shot of the area

Serial Killer

Article written based on factual reports in and around the Houston region.