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I-45 Suspects

Ed Bell - A Person of Interest in the first I-45 killings. MORE INFOMATION TO COME ABOUT THIS SUSPECT.CLICK HERE

Henry Lee Lucas - He might have been the original I-45 serial killer in the 1970's. He admitted to over 1000 murders, it is unknown how many of these are true and how many are only his imagination. It is a fact that Lucas roamed the Gulf Coast when some of the early I-45 murders took place. However he has not been linked definitively to any of the unsolved cases. However, Lucas said he picked up most of his victims along the interstates by offering them a ride and sometimes dinner or a drink. In 1975 he met his partner in crime Ottis Toole after more time in prison. During an interview, Lucas said Toole had helped him commit many of the highway killings. Lucas also might be linked to a string of unsolved murders in Williamson County on Interstate 35, central Texas. But there is no way anyone will ever know for sure which crimes he has admitted are real and what he might not have told anyone.

Gabriel Soto - He is the main suspect in disappearance and most likely the killer of Rene Richerson in 1988. He died in 2002 without being charged, yet was at one time charged with retaliation against a potential witness in the her murder case.

Unidentified Male - March 1996 an unidentified man abducted a 13 year old girl as she was walking home from a shopping center near Seabrook. She leaped out of his truck in 200 block of East Fairmont in La Porte, Texas. A police officer just happen to drive by the truck witnessed the girl falling out of the truck. The truck is a late mode Ford Ranger, green with suspect as 35-45, 6 ft or 6'2", with graying black hair and beard. The truck was never seen before or after this incident.

Phony Tow Truck Driver - July 29, 2004 a northwest Houston teen girl stranded on a southwest Houston freeway was stranded with a flat tire on the West Loop near Interstate 10.  A man she believed was a tow-truck driver offered to help, he changed her tire and then tried to sexually assault her. The girl said she managed to escape by stabbing the man in the torso and shoulder with a pocketknife. The attacker has a tall, bald, clean-shaven man with a tattoo of a spider web on his left shoulder. He was driving a faded black, older model Chevrolet pickup with "Super Tow" painted in white letters on the side.

League City Connections

Mark Stallings - Confessed  in 2001 to the "Killing Fields" murders outside of League City but he would have been only 15 or 16 years old when the first Killing Fields victims came up missing. Since all of the Killing Fields victims were killed by the same unknown killer, his confession may have only been a way to improve his prison rep with other inmates. Although he has a history of violence and worked for another suspect Robert Abel. The Star Dust Trail Rides business once owned by Abel encircles the Killings Fields. Stallings was never charged in any of the I-45 Killings nor the Killings Fields murders despite any of his confessions.

Robert Abel - A retired NASA engineer died in early 2005. Once operated the Star Dust Trail Rides the address which was 3001 Calder in League city, right where the notorious "Killing Fields" victims where discovered. He was also a suspect along with a pool of other men by the League City Police Department. Yet nobody has ever been charged with these murders. Able was  under public and local police scrutiny in early 1990's after fitting an FBI profile of the killer. Both the League City Police and Tim Miller searched the property but both turned up nothing of any real value as evidence. Tim Miller was the father of  Laura Miller, one of the "Killing Fields" victims. Abel did passed a polygraph test, courtesy of a news show when the League City Police Department refused to administer one to him. The FBI afterwards admitted that the original profile was of poor quality and effectively eliminated him as a suspect. However, the League City Police Department where still unconvinced and reportedly still consider him a prime suspect.

The Anonymous Letter Writer: On December 22, 2005 Houston's local news reported that a letter had been mailed to Tim Miller by someone claiming to be the man who killed his daughter and others. It also boasted about the I-45 deaths, said news reporters. Only a very few parts of this letter were shown. However, the letter was made up from cut out newspaper and magazine words. Much like an old style ransom note from what was shown of it. Miller went on to say he was angry after he received it and more so when he went out to the property shortly afterwards. In the spot where his daughter's body had been removed by police, he had put up a wooden cross in her memory. He saw her cross had been knocked down and broken apart. In addition he came across some pornographic CD's left there as well. Most likely the same person who sent the letter also went out to the "Killing Fields" to leave a calling card for Miller to find too. Reporters say authorities are somewhat skeptical about the some of the claims this person makes in the letter. Being that the letter came only a few months after Able died, the authorities and Miller believe it might be a trick. Is this letter from the real killer or could it be a family member or friend of Robert Abel wanted to clear the dead man's name? For more information about the "Killings Fields" on Calder off I-45 in League City, Texas push HERE.