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The I-45 murders

At first glance, it seems just like any other interstate in America. The traffic, billboards, street signs, motels, fast food restaurants and cookie cutter neighborhoods. Yet dozens of females have been discovered murdered while others have disappeared without a trace along this Highway to Hell. The Gulf Coast Corridor has had more than it’s share of bodies turn up since the 1970's and most of the homicides remain unsolved. In desolate areas mostly around Galveston County and Harris County in Texas. I-45 starts in Dallas, runs through Houston and ends at the Gulf of Mexico on Galveston Island. This is evidently not the deeds of one serial killer but of multiple serial killers.

In the 1980's a task force looked into the murders of six prostitutes who worked in Houston's Montrose area. In the 1970's a number of girls were abducted and killed. Due to the bizarre pattern of the slayings and the equally bizarre occurrences of rapes around this zone of I-45. Plus the fact that these case have crossed different jurisdictions, counties, cities and towns. It seems all these different police departments were only investigating their own individual cases, unaware of the connections to other jurisdictions cases along the highway. The news media coverage has also been extremely light considering the scope of these serial killings and the fact that unsuspecting females could still be at risk.

There are about 200 known unsolved murders of females in Houston and the surrounding areas since 1971. The victims in the I-45 cases usually disappeared while they were out alone and vulnerable. Some just vanished, while others were discovered sexually abused and left dead in a remote spot sometime later. Frequently their remains were too decomposed, leaving little or no clues behind as to the killer(s) identity. In some instances the killings are presumably the work of one man, like the case of the 1970's murders and in the case of the "Killing Fields" on Calder Drive in League City. However, there are many things that point to multiple serial killers who have hunted for their prey in the same I-45 areas. The MO of a few of the I-45 serial killers appear to copy cat somewhat the original 1970's murders, yet very in other ways they do not match up. Being that a few of the I-45 killers have been caught conform that there is more than one serial killer roaming the highway. Which alone makes the serial killing along I-45 an unique study in these types of crimes.