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I-45 Media

Girl, 13, Nearly Abducted Walking Home - News Report April 21, 2006

HOUSTON, TEXAS - A girl managed to escape from a kidnapper in Fort Bend County. The 13-year-old told deputies that she was attacked as she walked home on Williwaw at Mission Estates at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday. She said a man drove up behind her, got out of his vehicle and grabbed her. The girl struggled and broke free when another car approached, distracting the man, according to authorities. Attacker Escapes.

Adolescent's Skull Found In Woods Near Cemetery - News Report April 26, 2006

SANTA FE, TEXAS - The partial skull of an adolescent was found in a Galveston County field. Officials said a man found the remains Tuesday near Alta Loma cemetery on Avenue M and 28th Street in Santa Fe, but the skull is not believed to be from a grave. The medical examiner confirmed the skull belonged to an adolescent and has probably been in the field for five to 10 years. Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch stated that it could belong to one of the missing I-45 victims.

TIM MILLER: "We got one girl, Michelle Thomas, she lived probably a half a mile from here," Miller said.
"Then Sandra Ramas lived probably a mile and a half from here."

11 News reporter Mike Zientek is on this audio report - HERE!

I hope to add more to this story if I can find out more.

(Santa Fe Texas skull found near cemetery)